Why do the dreaded cramps appear?

You are walking down the street and suddenly you feel that one of your legs is tense tightly, or in the middle of the night, while you sleep, an unbearable pain makes you wake up; in both cases, you are facing the most troublesome cramps. Know the causes of suffering.

The loss of water and salts: Mineral salts (sodium, potassium, calcium) and water, make possible a large part of the chemical reactions that regulate muscle contraction. When the body detects some imbalance in these substances (dehydration) generates cramps.

Bad position: There is a link between cramps and sitting for a long time or in an uncomfortable position, which could affect the circulation of the legs. In this sense, it can also affect the way you walk or if you always walk on hard asphalt.

Using cleats: Walking in cleats for more than two hours decreases the muscle’s ability to produce force, also known as muscle fatigue, involuntarily contracting (cramping) as a defense mechanism.

As a symptom of pregnancy: Due to hormonal changes and increased belly volume, the venous return in the lower limbs becomes slow. This causes fluid accumulation and promotes sudden, lasting and painful muscle contraction.

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According to specialists, it is possible to avoid cramps, these are some of their recommendations:

Eating a diet in which vitamins and minerals predominate is the best you could do, it is recommended to eat fruits, vegetables, and cereals.


  • If you exercise, it must be progressive to adapt your body a few, increase the requirement without obsessing.
  • You must try to recover electrolytes lost during exercise and rehydrate, isotonic drinks can help you.
  • Diet without fats, especially those of animal origin.