The Best Hours to Eat – If You Want to Lose Weight

Not another minute, not a minute less! Lose weight only depends on one thing and that is-in addition to eliminating junk food-eat at the right times. But it is not about any time, it is about exactly the following hours, because according to a research, they are the ideal ones to potentiate the metabolism and burn fat.



Breakfast: Those who are not lovers of waking up early, will have to take care of this habit -or at least get used to it-, because the study carried out by the diet company Forza Supplements, found that the time when the body is at its maximum splendor is at 7:11 a.m. . Ideally, eat fruits and foods low in fat.

Lunch:  The ideal time is at 12:38 pm, the investigation ensures, but if your work or routine does not allow it, you can do it from 12:30 to 1:00. Do not eat after 4pm, because your body has a harder time processing food, causing stomach swelling, as well as difficulty in losing weight. It is best to include proteins such as  fish or chicken, vegetables, legumes and non-fat cereal .

Dinner: And for the last food, it is best to consume it at 6:14 pm , and it is recommended to eat vegetables and proteins such as salmon or tuna without oil, in addition to a fruit. What is TOTALLY prohibited? It is eating after 7, because it is usually when people stop doing activities and are at rest, storing all the calories that are consumed, which then turn into fat. The dinner should be 3 hours before sleep and a bonus point is to drink green tea – or any other tea – to eliminate toxins and fats from the body.

The research emphasizes that it must be very precise and eat FAIR at that time, so that the body becomes a “machine” to burn fat and lose weight. It is recommended not to eat between foods, but if the cravings are irresistible, eat -with moderation- almonds, Indian nuts or unsalted peanuts .