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Mother of 5 Turns Car with Her Youngsters Inside in Alleged Suicide Effort on Facebook Live After Searching For Out Her Boyfriend is Married




A Mississippi mother of five has actually gone viral on social networks for all the incorrect factors after she went on Facebook Live and also talked about devoting suicide with her children after finding out her guy is married.

Late Thursday night (Jun. 25), Itasha Brunson of Holly Springs, MS went Reside on her Facebook web page to state her final goodbyes while driving and also holding her infant daughter in her arms.

Throughout the 20- minute real-time stream, Brunson said she prepared to commit self-destruction by driving in web traffic and also might be listened to complaining regarding there not sufficing automobiles when traveling to ensure that she can complete her act.

She insinuated that she at first prepared to take just her very own life, knowing that her mother would certainly take good treatment of her kids once she was gone, however she transformed her mind and made a decision to entail her 2 young children due to the fact that she wanted a person to “feature” her.

Brunson, that wept throughout the video, said the reason why she intended on finishing her life as well as taking her infant women with her was that she had lately learnt the guy she ‘d been dating was married.

It’s being stated on social networks that the infant child she was keeping in the video clip came from the wedded partner, though that information has not been validated.

” I simply want this to happen fast,” Itasha claimed in the video clip. “Since Glenn Jamerson Jones understood I liked him. All he needed to do was keep it genuine with me. He never told me that he was married … it injures so negative.”

Near the end of the video, Itasha said that she ‘d informed her mom bye-bye and also left her children with her, but not her daughters since “you can not rely on everybody with your girls.” She said: “I hate to take my infant women’ life, yet I do not wan na leave them with nobody.”

After the live stream finished, Brunson was associated with a multi-car accident on I-240 near Perkins Roadway in Memphis, which is about an hour away from Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Memphis authorities said someone contacted us to report a multi-car accident with a rescinded car.

According to Fox13 Memphis, 2 children and also one grownup were taken to the health center. Among the youngsters was originally stated to be in critical condition, nonetheless, cops said “all parties are currently non-critical,” per Fox13

While in the medical facility, Brunson went on Facebook Live once again and also explained that she never meant to in fact devote self-destruction with her children, she just desired attention.

Brunson claimed she dropped her phone and looked down to reach for it.

She stated her tale on Facebook, writing: “Y’ all judging me off the pain me … y’ all do not understand my story … a hurt individual will say anything … I was just hurting last night … I didn’t imply to do that … my phone dropped n when I mosted likely to reach for it while going live n blew up of the car …”

She added in another message: “I’m okay everybody n my ladies are secure just hope … I didn’t imply for this to happen similar to this I was going online for Glen focus n didn’t understand he was home sleep n I dropped the phone n went to reach for it n lost control of my cars and truck … I wouldn’t risk harm them lady[s] n everbody understand me I wouldn’t I love children.”

Mommy of 5 Flips Car with Her Kids Inside in Alleged Self-destruction Effort on Facebook Live After Searching For Out Her Sweetheart is Married is a post from: Chatter On This – Popular Culture, News & & Videos

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ENJOY: Black Man Slaps the Life Out of White Guy With Twisted Tea Can for Repeatedly Claiming N-Word





A video clip has gone viral revealing the moment a Black male utilized a canister of Twisted Tea to put the life out of a white male that believed it was OK for him to claim the n-word over and also over again.

The occurrence unravelled inside a convenience store in Ohio last week, Daily Dot reports

Evidently, the unidentified white man– who appeared to be VERY intoxicated– had stated the n-word before the video clip began rolling and also was being faced by the Black man who seemed in the process of purchasing a variety of items, including a container of Twisted Tea– an alcohol.

” I’ ma say n an all day, every day. Are you kidding me ?! … You a clown n a! On God, nigga, you a clown, n a!” the intoxicated white man stated to the Black guy, that then continued to order a Twisted Tea and contemplated over whether to utilize it.

” What? “Slap me with it.

After the Black male wrongly dropped the Twisted Tea can on the ground while trying to flip it over in his hand, the white man attempted to kick it and missed, hitting the product screen listed below the sales register, which after that set off a physical conflict that began with the can reaching the side of the white male’s face as well as ended with the white male on the ground being punched in the head repeatedly by the Black man.

I think you can claim the Black person literally opened up a canister of whoop-ass on the white guy, amirite?

After the video went viral, Twitter did what it does ideal and memed the heck out of the circumstance, making “Twisted Tea” come to be an around the world trending topic while doing so.

ENJOY: Black Male Smacks the Life Out of White Person With Twisted Tea Can for Consistently Claiming N-Word is a post from: Chatter On This – Popular Culture, News & & Videos

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Quando Rondo Partner’s Vehicle Obtains Shot Up in Chicago in Possible Retaliation for King Von’s Murder (VIDEO CLIP)





The beef in between associates of Georgia rapper Quando Rondo as well as slain Chicago rap artist King Von continues to heat up as well as is becoming worse as the days go by.

MTO News is reporting that a cars and truck believed to come from a music producer associated with Quando Rondo was shot up Tuesday evening (Dec. 8) in Chicago.

The cars and truck was reportedly assailed as well as splashed with automated shooting, with greater than two lots bullets striking the automobile.

The Good News Is, all of individuals inside managed to get away, nonetheless, it had not been clear if any individual was hurt in the capturing.

Video clip video footage published online programs an empty red Chrysler van with what seems Chicago certificate layers riddled with bullet holes.

” On brother, ain’t nobody in this motherf emergency room,” the individual videotaping the video footage claims off-camera. “They got outta there … They fortunate however they most likely got shot!”

King Von was an increasing rapper from Chicago who was signed to Lil Durk’s record label OTF (Just the Household) and also had a circulation manage Realm.

Von was shot and killed last month by a close partner of Quando Rondo adhering to a violent altercation at a hookah lounge in Atlanta. He was 26 years old.

22- year-old Timothy Leeks (that some phone call Quando Rondos’ “bro”) was jailed the day after the deadly shooting and also charged with felony murder

Leeks (that additionally goes by the rap name Lul Timm) was additionally injured in the shooting and also was dealt with at the medical facility prior to being required to prison.

King Von as well as Quando Rondo’s crews have gone to battle since Von’s murder, with Quando Rondo bearing the brunt of the beef, as he has actually needed to cancel a number of shows considering that the deadly occurrence amid reports that Von’s partners have been purchasing tickets to his shows after presumably putting a bounty on the rap artist’s head.

In a recent interview, King Von’s uncle, Variety Wanderer Hang, asserted that OTF and O-Block will certainly continue applying stress to Quando Rondo as well as his people.

” Nah, I indicate he can slip via the cracks, but it’s awful for him,” Variety Vagabond Hang informed Fucious TELEVISION when asked if the rapper will certainly ever before be able to carry out once more. “Ni as got indicate prove. That was a genuine one. They eliminated an actual one and also we ain’t never ever going to obtain no one else like that.”

For his component, Quando Rondo has maintained that he as well as Leeks were acting out of protection when Von was shot and also killed. Leeks is due in court for a bond hearing on December 15 th.

Quando Rondo Associate’s Auto Gets Shot Up in Chicago in Possible Revenge for King Von’s Murder (VIDEO) is a blog post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & & Videos

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Gospel Singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Group Goes Viral After Video Clip Reveals Him Kissing a Male





Scripture vocalist Darrel Walls of The Walls Team ended up being a trending topic on social media over the weekend after a video clip dripped on-line showing him kissing one more man, essentially outing him as a participant of the LGBTQ area.

The video, which was dripped late Saturday night (Nov. 28), showed Wall surfaces with an additional male grinning and talking. The two males at some point resort to each other and also share a kiss. The other male in the video hasn’t been recognized.

According to Love B. Scott, that first broke the story, Darrel shared the video clip himself to his “friends” listing on Instagram, nevertheless, somebody in that team made the video clip public, as well as now it’s everywhere.

Walls briefly removed his Instagram page after the video leaked, nevertheless, he has actually given that recovered the account, and also it is energetic since Tuesday (Dec. 1).

Walls likewise required to Twitter Sunday morning (Nov. 29) and also created: “You Are Good, Oh Lord … You Are Excellent.”

As information of the video began to spread, Walls was met support and also positivity on social networks.

The Walls Team is a metropolitan modern scripture team authorized to RCA Records. The team includes four siblings: two sis, Rhea Walls and Ahjah Walls, and two bros, Darrel Walls and Alic “Paco” Walls.

Back in 2012, the quartet appeared on the Billboard charts with their self-titled album. They released their launching workshop album Rapid Ahead 2 years later in 2014, as well as the job charted on the Signboard 200.

The Walls Team obtained an election for Ideal Scripture Performance/Song at the 57 th Yearly Grammy Awards for their track “Love on the Radio.”

According to his LinkedIn web page, apart from being a singer, Darrel Walls, who is 29, is likewise a manufacturer and songwriter based in Missouri City, Texas.

In addition to his musical abilities, Darrel refers to himself on IG as an inspirational speaker in addition to a “Lover of Development” as well as an “Advocate for Tranquility.”

According to his bio on The Walls Group’s official website, Darrel is the earliest participant of the group, as well as he started playing drums at age four before finding out to play the organ and also keyboard.

Darrel’s biography adds: “It is his enthusiasm for God that creates him to be a remarkable individual, songwriter as well as arranger. He aspires to sooner or later be an excellent manufacturer.”

Scripture Singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Team Goes Viral After Video Shows Him Kissing a Man is a blog post from: Gossip On This – Popular Culture, Information & & Videos

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