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– Posts should ideally be written in the first person.

– Number of words 500-2000 + words

– The content is geared towards categories talking about people

– The content must be unique, that is, it must not be published on any other media or syndication service, nor be available on another online website.

– A balanced point of view that does not endorse a specific company or service.

– Images, videos and graphics can be used, but you must have permission to use them.

– The quality of the content must be of a good standard – we want our readers to read every word as much as you, so we have prepared the above guide to display tips to help you.

– We prefer publications that include resources to learn more and stimulate follow-up discussion by asking a question, asking for an example, and so on.

Sharing your expertise with our audience and interacting with professionals around the world is simple. For suggestions or examples of previous articles you have written, send them to this page with your name, job title and company name.

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