Foods to fight the cold without getting fat

The energy needs of winter do not have to influence your weight. That’s why it’s important to know what to eat to fight the cold without getting fat.

With the arrival of cold, the stews are full of proteins and fats that give us heat and energy, but sometimes get too fat. The cooked, the lentils with chorizo and the potatoes with meat are for many the favorite dishes of the winter, but to abuse them can take us to give us a surprise before the scale. Actually, eating hot is not a problem with eating healthy. We tell you what foods you can eat to fight the cold without getting fat.

Soups to fight the cold

There is nothing better than a soup to warm up. And the hot broth helps maintain a stable body temperature. In addition, you can make broths and soups of the healthiest. The recommendation is that you include a bowl of soup at each meal to feel that you get warm.

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For example, chicken broth (made with natural chicken meat and bones) is a great ally against the cold and also has therapeutic properties: it is anti-inflammatory and fights infections of the respiratory system, which is essential in winter. If you also add many vegetables, you will provide a boom of nutrition and defenses for your body, since most vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are highly therapeutic for the body.

Warm water with lemon fasting

Take a glass of warm water with a splash of lemon juice when you wake up, about 20 minutes before breakfast. This will help maintain the pH of your digestive system and your body temperature will be regulated properly throughout the day. It’s a very healthy trick that does not add any calories.

Stews without fats

Do not give up your favorite winter stews, just cook them with less fat. When you make a stew defat the broths and try to use lean meats that do not contain excess fat.

It is clear that with the cold increases your caloric expenditure and, therefore, your energy need. That’s why you probably have more hunger than in summer and you want more dense foods, such as legumes. Eat legumes once or twice a week and bet on good and healthy fats, such as bluefish rich in omega 3, walnuts or avocado. They will provide you with the caloric energy you need to fight the cold without losing your ideal weight. So you know, the bacon and the chorizo leave them only for special occasions.

Hot infusions during the day

The infusions help to regulate the metabolism and many of them fight the problems that we can find with the cold, like the excess of mucosa, colds, rheumatism … Take a hot infusion of medicinal herbs after each meal or between meals. You will feel that you get into heat without the need to gain a gram.

Spices and natural seasonings to warm up

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Garlic and onions strengthen the immune system and have antibiotic effects, making them ideal for cold months. Slightly spicy spices such as pepper or cayenne help the body to warm up, as well as other spices with strong flavors such as cinnamon, which is also good for weight loss, ginger, clove or turmeric, help maintain the warm body during the winter as your immune system strengthens.

Use all these spices in your infusions, in your winter desserts, and in your salty stews. For example, ginger brings a delicious and characteristic flavor to the dishes, it is fabulous to keep the body temperature warm and helps a lot with the catarrhal processes that affect the lungs.

Keep dairy products at bay

Although there is some disagreement among the scientific community in this regard, many doctors do not recommend excessive consumption of dairy, much less in winter, because they favor the appearance of bacteria and mucus in the body.

Those who do not agree with this assure that the appearance of mucous membranes is not due to the dairy products themselves, but to an intolerance or allergy in the person. Be that as it may, if when you drink milk you notice that you will get rid of it more easily and that you have more mucous, it is best to leave them aside in your diet these cold months and if you think it is necessary, go to your doctor.

Get hydrated and keep high consumption of vitamins

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Internal hydration is essential for our body to maintain an adequate temperature when the weather is cold. However, the feeling of thirst in winter is much lower than in summer and therefore we tend to drink less water. This is where the infusions and the broths play a crucial role in our diet.

In addition, vitamins help us fight the bacteria and viruses that proliferate in winter and that our body functions properly, essential so that it can combat the constant cold. Remember to eat several servings of vegetables a day and one or two fruits a day, mainly those that contain vitamin C such as oranges and tangerines.

Now, you are ready to have a feed this winter to help you fight the cold without getting fat. By the way, alcohol is not a friend of the cold nor of the kilos, although many people think the opposite, since its vasodilator effect that at first gives us the sensation of heat, causes that the blood of the extremities is concentrated in the vital organs, favoring a thermal decompensation in our body.