Foods that accumulate fat in the hips

Some foods can generate fat accumulation in the hips. We tell you what they are.

An essential aspect to take care of our body is to take care of our food. Beyond weight, the important thing is to maintain a balanced organism, where the deposits of fat and liquids remain stable and well distributed, synonymous with good health. That is why, if later, you have observed that the fat of your body is focusing in the area of the hips, perhaps you can begin to change your eating habits, substituting these foods that accumulate fat in the hips for other healthier ones. Today we talk about the foods that accumulate in the area of the hips and glutes. Point!

Saturated Fats

Any food that has saturated fat, such as fried or processed snacks, will encourage the retention of fat in the area of your hips. In fact, a study by Oxford University led by Fredrick Karpe says:

“By eating certain heavy foods and abundantly, fat enters the bloodstream almost immediately, the process of fat in the body can be given after one hour of intake and after three hours, the fat is processed by the organism and it is incorporated into the tissue; especially in the hip, thighs and buttocks “.

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Refreshments and juices processed

Soft drinks and processed juices contain high levels of sugars that contribute to the accumulation of fat in the tissues of the hips. Better, substitute them for natural fruit juices without sugar.


The combination of meat, rice, cheese, and wheat is not the best for your hips. Keep in mind that in this type of dishes you are mixing a high index of carbohydrates (rice and wheat pancake), with processed fat (cheese) and proteins (meat and cheese). Once it does not hurt, but if they are part of your usual meals or dinners, it is time to incorporate other healthier options into your diet.

Ice creams

They are delicious but a cup of ice cream can contain around 30 gr. of fat. In addition, ice cream (especially industrial) carry a lot of sugar, which will make the fat accumulate much more quickly in your hips. So if you consume ice cream every day or several times a week, rest assured that they will make your hips fat.

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According to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition of the German Institute of Human Nutrition, alcoholic beverages contribute to the accumulation of body fat in women. So it is best to avoid alcohol as much as possible and better consume other types of drinks, such as green tea that is antioxidant and will help you balance your body fat.


Natural nuts are very healthy, but you have to eat them in moderation since they contain high caloric rates compared to those of natural fruits. For example, a cup of raisins has 460 calories, while a cup of grapes has only 60. A few nuts per day will provide nutrients without posing a problem for your hips, but no more!

Red and processed meats

If you love hamburgers and veal fillets, it’s time to put them away from your diet, because regular consumption of red meats and processed meats (like frozen hamburgers) accumulate directly on your hips (by the way, they’re not healthy, either) especially the processed ones). Replace this type of caloric protein with other healthier ones such as fish, turkey or organic chicken and start choosing vegetable proteins such as legumes.