Food, exercise, and treatments: three axes for an express “set-up” for the summer

It could be said that the triad that integrates a healthy diet, physical activity and aesthetic medicine are the fundamental pillars on which the efforts to look comfortable in the swimsuit should be based. Specialists shared with Infobae the secrets of a natural beauty that does not endanger the health.

It is known that the race towards summer has to start long before spring. Actually, it should not be a competition against the almanac but rather a conscientious change of habits sustainable over time.

Thus, if instead of embarking on an odyssey of limitations, efforts, and restrictions, we will opt for a lifestyle that includes balanced diet, physical exercise and non-invasive treatments for those difficult areas that are hard for everyone to model, be satisfied with the image that the mirror returns would not be a utopia but an attainable goal.

“Achieving an adequate weight, which allows us to feel energized to face daily obligations does not mean going hungry, on the contrary, a balanced diet, containing the right nutrients, plus the combination of physical activity, is the formula that does not fail”. The synthesis corresponds to the graduate in Nutrition Ana Chezzi, who in dialogue with Infobae acknowledged that “now, the parameter is to have little body fat, which is not always related to being skinny.” Therefore, the fundamental thing is simply to eat well and perform some sport. ”

Achieving an adequate weight, which allows us to feel energized to face daily obligations does not mean going hungry

And he offered some recommendations to achieve the great goal for the summer: look and feel full with your own body.

“The first thing is to try to discard everything that is not natural food, what went through an industry is better not to consume it, ideally to go to the grocery and the butchery, the extra kilos are eliminated by eating fewer calories than We use, ” advised the specialist,” but in order for the result to be healthy and lasting, they must come from an adequate and balanced diet, according to the needs of each person. “We must consume meats, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and cereals and legumes. possible integrals “.

A balanced diet plus the combination of physical activity, is the formula that does not fail (Getty)

For Chezzi, “in a balanced diet, you should not miss the proteins (present in dairy, meat and eggs), which build and repair tissues, carbohydrates, responsible for providing energy (present in vegetables, cereals, and sugar), and fats, energizing and that are part of some hormones and enzymes (in oil, butter, cream, and nuts). ”

And after recommending “reduce the amounts, eat more salads and limit the number of carbohydrates and look for no more than two servings a day,” the specialist said: “Eating more protein and less salt and carbohydrates, the retention of liquids and edemas diminish considerably “.

” Dairy products, ideally skimmed, should be consumed two units a day (a glass of milk and yogurt to cover the need for calcium.) Everything we eat adds calories, so it is best to eat lean foods and low-calorie density (ie, few calories with high volume and power of satiety), such as green vegetables, egg whites, low-fat dairy, and lean meats, “summarized Chezzi.

Eating more protein and less salt and carbohydrates, fluid retention and edema are significantly reduced

The specialist said that “many times you confuse hunger with thirst and eat when you should have taken water,” while noting that “the liquid takes place in the stomach, giving a feeling of fullness, in addition to helping to release toxins.” “The best thing is to consume a minimum of two liters of daily liquids and avoid the consumption of soft drinks,” he said.

For those who are thinking about starting with physical activity, Chezzi advised that “the ones that most help you lose weight are walking, running, cycling or indoor, swimming or paddling”. “If we sign up in a gym, we always have to seek help and put together a routine appropriate to our needs and try to maintain it at least three times a week.”

New disciplines, to train without getting bored

From the hand of the emergence of innovative training systems, today it is possible to venture into physical activity so that going to the gym is not a tedious routine with which to comply.

Functional training proposes natural movements of the body taken to the extreme to increase the challenge (iStock)

” Hitbox is the perfect combination of boxing and functional training using the technique of high intensity interval training (HIIT) where for short intervals of time, work at high intensity in order to accelerate both heart rate and metabolism, burning many calories ( not only during training but also afterwards) and build or tone muscle at the same time, this makes training more efficient “. This is how Alberto Castro Flores, head coach of HitBox Argentina summarized the scope of the new discipline.

And after ensuring “regardless of whether the person never made boxing, or is not used to training, the routine is ideal both to start as well as to continue training if you already have the habit,” Castro Flores said: ” Working at intervals time allows us to have people of different abilities, the age range to which we are directed is from 15 to 55 years “.

Working with functional techniques allows not only to be stronger but also more elastic, agile and resistant

Functional proposes natural movements of the body taken to the extreme to increase the challenge, as boxing works with the traditional technique of that sport, using the most advanced water bags in the market, which by its structure and materials, completely absorbs the blow and reduces the impact on joints such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers, easily injurious in this type of routines.

” In hitbox fat is burned and toned, working with functional techniques allows not only to be stronger but also more elastic, agile and resistant.” Box work, meanwhile, increases cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and resistance to strength “, he explained.

Aesthetic medicine, for that final “push”

Localized adiposity and flaccidity are two of the flagella that show resistance to traditional methods of getting fit (Getty)

There is a type of fat, cellulite, and flaccidity that neither diet nor exercise solves. However, science is advancing more and more and new technologies and the combination of treatments do not work miracles, but almost.

A plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetics Griselda Seleme stressed that the technology of Coolsculpting “is ideal to treat localized adiposity that resists and is difficult to combat.”

” Through the cryolipolysis fat cells are destroyed without damaging other tissues, ” he explained, “it is a technology capable of solving one of the greatest aesthetic challenges: to achieve the selective destruction of localized fat clusters in a non-invasive way.”

Cryolipolysis manages to reduce localized fat by 30% per session in the treated area

And after remarking that “the results that can be obtained are very similar to those of a liposuction but without going through an operating room and without postoperative,” he said: “It is possible to reduce localized fat by 30% (per session) in the treated area. and with only one or two sessions the results become visible after the third week, with its optimal point at three months “.

“Today the new heads allow to treat different difficult areas such as arms, riding pants, inner legs, flanks and abdomen with excellent results in only a session of 35 minutes without recovery time,” he concluded.