Benefits of Californian massage and how to do it

Californian massage has become fashionable in the main spas around the world. We tell you what it is and how it is done.

Although it was developed during the decade of the 60, today the Californian massage has become the latest trend in spa and massage centers around the world. A sensory massage created to deepen the tissues and emotions. We tell you what the Californian massage is and how it is applied.

How the Californian massage came about

The history of the creation of the Californian massage goes back to the 60’s with the foundation of the Esalen Institute of California, a non-profit and humanistic center that for decades has collected artists, psychologists, scientists, and educators in order to deepen, investigate and develop studies in which traditional science does not usually focus.

The Californian massage was created under the principles of Gestalt psychology and according to traditional Western and Eastern techniques. Since its creation, it was perfected, until in the 80s it became fashionable and spread in the United States and Argentina. Currently, it is recovering in other European and Latin American countries.

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What is the Californian massage?

Californian massage is a sensitive message, very careful and respectful to the body, its energy channels, and its physiognomy. It is carried out by means of long, fluid and integrating movements that begin with a soft touch until the tissues are deepened.

It is a harmonic massage, which many relationships with a certain sensuality, but which is really focused on releasing tensions in a profound way and helping the patient to connect with their interior, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Benefits of Californian massage

  • The fame of the Californian massage is mainly due to its therapeutic benefits:
  • It helps to relax the body deeply, making it ideal for relieving anxiety and stress.
  • It serves as a treatment for chronic pain and muscle contractures.
  • A wide range of joint movement and body posture.
  • It helps to connect internally with the emotional or physical blocks that are reflected in the body.
  • It favors the increase of energy, as well as a higher consciousness.

How a Californian massage is given

The Californian massage is based on sweet and enveloping movements, something like a harmonic choreography that becomes a kind of art therapy in which the meridians and physical lines of the body are respected.

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The Californian massage is given in the arms, back, and legs, so the patient is placed face to face naked on the stretcher, although the therapist must always cover the area of the body that is not massaged at that moment, providing total confidence towards the patient. Different essential oils with therapeutic properties that help the patient begin to imbue therapy are applied.

To see an example of how the Californian massage is applied, we offer you a video of the masseur Sujati Lacanna, director of Spazio Masajes, the Californian Massage School certified by the Esalen Institute in Spain.

To do this, it is essential to be certified by a professional Californian massage school, preferably certified by the Esalen Institute.