A simple and effective routine: three essential exercises to define the lower train

When fixing physical work, the legs and buttocks are, along with the abs, the most preferred parts of the body, especially for women. Being areas of the most desired body, they are also the most difficult to define.

Marking the silhouette is not an easy task, much less quick to achieve. Achieving a slender figure demands perseverance and discipline in training, and adding to the daily routine the correct diet, with a balanced and balanced diet. An accumulation of requirements can “collapse” the attitude of the practitioners. Even so, it is not an impossible goal to achieve.

The first thing on that long road is to join a routine of exercises focused on that area, which are simple and easy to perform. In this way, the muscular portions of the lower train will be fully worked on so that the aim of reaching the desired curves is possible.

Squats with jump

It is an optimal variant to develop the lower train power and increase the vertical jump level. In addition to the buttocks, involves a lot of muscles during the execution: quadriceps, femoral biceps, gastrocnemius, soleus, adductors, calves, flexor muscles of the hip and knee, hamstrings and core muscles.

Before starting the movement, in the initial position, you should stand upright and with your feet placed a little wider than the width of your shoulders. Then, continue with a descent like a normal squat. Keeping the trunk straight, the chest pulled out while bringing the buttocks back.

Subsequently, the rise is carried out at the moment when the parallel between the hips and the knees is broken, pushing the hip upwards in an explosive manner, that is, giving a jump and taking off the feet from the ground at maximum capacity.

Perform the activity continuously for 60 seconds.

Sumo squats with Russian kettlebell

With this exercise, benefits are obtained to other types of squats, such as improved mobility and the strength of your lower back, hips, and legs. The use of the kettlebell (also called kettlebell) demands a bigger effort that will yield greater results.

To do it correctly, it starts with the legs more extended than the shoulders. Keep your head up and the Russian weight with both hands with your palms facing the body. Hold your back straight and your heels on the floor throughout the exercise.

Perform the activity continuously for 60 seconds.

Lunges with jump

This exercise will provide a long list of benefits since it is useful to add plyometric power to the quadriceps and glutes; stability to the ankles, knees, and hips, and ability to attack your obliques and central muscles and arms.

For the proper execution mode it is necessary to start in a position where one leg is forward and one backward with the hands in front of the body, the torso erect and the knees bent at an angle of 90.

Then he throws himself explosively from the floor, jumping and changing the position of his legs while he is in the air, falling in a squat with the opposite foot in front. Repeat changing legs with each jump.

Perform the activity continuously for 60 seconds.