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Our Mission

We are the group of blogger who wants to help our readers and give an idea about Health, Balance Diet, and Correct exercise. Our blogs are not easy to find and also it is very educative and informative.

Our People

Blair E. Morris

3849 Upton Avenue Brewer, ME 04412

Don’t Let Perfection Stop You

Starting a blog can be overwhelming. There are so many options available. You have to make so many decisions. And getting the blog published is a stumbling block for many would-be bloggers. They freeze, unable to move forward until they think it’s perfect. Here’s what helped me overcome this feeling:

We finally realized perfect wasn’t going to happen. After this realization, I had two choices.

  1. Continue learning, making changes, researching, and tweaking until I gained enough confidence to hit publish. Which would likely never happen?
  2. Hit publish now and tweak as I go.