Vox Sentences: Election security– a laughing matter

Vox Sentences: Election security– a laughing matter

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The Supreme Court will lastly rule on DACA; Trump and Putin joke about Russia meddling in United States elections.

The Supreme Court will take up DREAMers’ case

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  • The Supreme Court will lastly handle a case to identify whether the Trump administration’s attempt to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was illegal. The outcome could impact 700,000 immigrants. [Washington Post / Robert Barnes]
  • DACA is a policy that enables unauthorized immigrants gave the United States as children to request a two-year, eco-friendly license that protects them from deportation and enables them to work lawfully. No path to citizenship is guaranteed. [Bloomberg / Erik Larson and Andrew Harris]
  • Trump has actually been attempting to end the Obama-era program considering that2017 He believes Obama unlawfully enacted the program with his executive power, although lower courts have actually rejected that argument. [CNN / Ariane de Vogue and Priscilla Alvarez]
  • While Trump hasn’t been able to fully cut DACA, there have actually been some rollbacks to the program. As of now, no brand-new applications are being gotten, but the Department of Homeland Security is renewing the applications of those who were currently registered in the program– more than 373,000 since2017 [ABC News / Devin Dwyer]
  • Two legal concerns will be weighed in the Supreme Court: Did the Trump administration break the Administrative Procedure Act by failing to gather proper consultation and comments prior to ending DACA? And did the administration offer the real reason behind why it wants to end the program? [Vox / Dara Lind]
  • The debate surrounding DACA has likewise been made complex by politics. Trump has tried to utilize the program as a bargaining chip to force Democrats to fund his border wall. [NPR / Nina Totenberg and Domenico Montanaro]
  • The decision will come out sometime between spring and summer season of 2020, at the height of the governmental projects. Whatever the Court guidelines, there’s a high probability that the outcomes will energize mad citizens who are dissatisfied with the choice. [NYT / Adam Liptak and Michael D. Shear]

Trump doesn’t appear too concerned about Russian election meddling

  • Regardless of persistent warnings about Russia’s disturbance in US elections, Trump appeared to reject these concerns throughout a recent conference with President Vladimir Putin. [BBC]
  • Amid the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, the two world leaders met in individual for the very first time because special counsel Robert Mueller concluded in his report that Russia had actually meddled in US elections. Neither Putin nor Trump attended to the matter of election security till a press reporter asked Trump if he was going to ask Putin not to meddle in the 2020 presidential elections. [WSJ / Alex Leary]
  • The New York Times’s Peter Baker and Michael Crowley explain Trump’s reaction as “minimizing the matter”: Trump turned to Putin and, with a small grin, jokingly informed the Russian leader not meddle in the election. [NYT / Peter Baker and Michael Crowley]
  • Democrats were fast to criticize Trump. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated election security is not a matter that needs to be ignored and “Putin’s the only one laughing.” [AP / Jonathan Lemire and Zeke Miller]
  • Putin likewise brushed off concerns of election security, stating in a Thursday interview that Trump won due to the fact that he was able to connect with American voters and declaring that liberal policies in the West are dying. [Guardian / Julian Borger]
  • Throughout their conference, Trump and Putin likewise joked about getting rid of reporters, a remark that is especially worrying thinking about that an estimated 26 journalists have been eliminated in Russia throughout Putin’s tenure. [Vox / Jen Kirby]
  • Trump’s meeting with Putin was a possibility for the United States president to take on critics’ doubts about his relationship with Russia. But again, he selected not to do so. [Politico / Anita Kumar]


  • The National Enquirer is finally beginning to distance itself from President Donald Trump. [Daily Beast / Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, and Dean Sterling Jones]
  • A developer produced an app that might generate naked photos of any lady from a clothed image using deepfake innovation. Amid backlash, he soon shut it down, pointing out a high possibility of misuse. (You think?) [The Verge / Jacob Kastrenakes]
  • Author and spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson took the stage with 9 other candidates for Thursday’s Democratic dispute. She ended the night as the most Googled prospect and a leading trending term on Twitter. [Washington Post / Allyson Chiu]
  • NASA’s going to the moon– of Saturn, that is. The area company revealed it will send a drone to Titan, the gas giant’s largest moon, in 2025 to explore the surface for possible signs of life. [Wired / Daniel Oberhaus]


” Trump’s effort to rescind DACA and strip Dreamers of the securities they were guaranteed is prohibited. To Dreamers all over today, understand this: We see you. We stand with you. We remain in this battle with you.”[Kamala Harris’s response to the Supreme Court taking on the DACA case]

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