Theresa May’s stable diet of faint hope – BBC News

Theresa May’s stable diet of faint hope – BBC News

By Blair Morris

September 23, 2019

Theresa May

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For all the talk of the settlements between Team Might and Team Corbyn being “constructive and major”, Labour’s leader constantly appeared in some way more most likely to pull back from a Brexit compromise with the prime minister than accept one.

Some of his Labour critics still suspect – though he and his close assistants deny it – that he’s a long-lasting Eurosceptic who would be content with a Brexit that also pollutes the Conservatives and takes him closer to power.

Mrs Might’s alternatives are, naturally, all but tired. Another, final, round of voting to see if any service gains traction is one of them.

However will Tory rebels all of a sudden alter their minds after three beats?

Or will Labour MPs, feeling the pressure to provide Brexit, break ranks and ride to Mrs May’s rescue? Some maybe, but enough?

The prime minister has yet to name the date for her departure, but the Tory management contest is running at full tilt, as it has, in reality, for a long time.

The next leader is more than most likely to guarantee a harder Brexit – maybe with no offer at all. Parliament may oppose that but only the federal government could, at a single stroke, stop it taking place.

So Mrs May’s last staying hope of accomplishing her “mission impossible” before leaving may just be that heightened fear of a no-deal Brexit modifications Tory and Labour minds when the legislation to take the UK out is voted on in early June.

Stubbornness. Responsibility. A stable diet of faint hope. They’ll all feature strongly in Theresa May’s soon-to-be-written political epitaph. The chapter about the UK and its future location is the world is still being penned.

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