Artists hosting Today at Apple sessions call for enhanced payment and promotion

Artists hosting Today at Apple sessions call for enhanced payment and promotion

By Blair Morris

September 23, 2019

A new report today from KQED calls out artist dissatisfaction with payment and promo received for hosting Today at Apple sessions. The report highlights the challenges of proving the worth of innovative work in a culture developed around “working for direct exposure.”

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While the vast majority of Today at Apple sessions are hosted by Apple’s own innovative staff, flagship stores feature special events and efficiencies by local talent. The report notes that these artists are consistently provided Apple products– AirPods, an Apple Watch, or an Apple TELEVISION– as payment for their efforts instead of a flat payment. KQED‘s research focused specifically on sessions held at San Francisco’s Union Square shop, however settlement arrangements might differ in other places.

Many Today at Apple special occasions are one-time sessions, but Apple also collaborates with creatives on co-hosted sessions that run at every shop in addition to exclusive promotions like month-long marketing campaigns surrounding new shop openings. These special plans likely involve more significant contracts.

The report likewise shares aggravations from artists surrounding event promo. Sessions are marketed on Apple’s Today at Apple schedule and on social networks by occasion organizers, but sadly rarely garner more promotion unless the artist has a big online following. Apple personnel professional photographers normally just record the biggest occasions. KQED includes:

Though the events may seem like a free marketing opportunity, the artists end up bearing the problem of promotion, successfully leveraging their followings to draw possible customers into the Apple shop. There are no main Today at Apple social networks accounts that introduce Apple’s large follower base to the participants the company books. The only digital properties artists get from Today at Apple are Instagram-ready flyers that utilize artists’ existing promotional images.

” Working for exposure” is a hot topic in the innovation and imaginative industries, and the argument is highly nuanced. In January, Apple found itself facing examination for the regards to its Shot on iPhone contest, which assured global direct exposure but no financial compensation. Apple later modified the obstacle terms and concurred to pay winning photographers a licensing cost.

Apple is a company developed by imaginative specialists, and definitely its workers comprehend the value of creative work. Today at Apple was founded on this extremely concept. Hosting a session is a great method to introduce your work to new faces and opens a door to further partnerships with Apple, but it should not be the only (or main) kind of payment.

On the other hand, maybe Apple feels that direct financial payment alters the relationship in between customers and session hosts, co-opting imagination as brand name marketing. Artists who agree to host sessions are most likely knowledgeable about the terms of the offer before performing.

Regional and online promo these days at Apple occasions is a much less polarizing topic that looks like a win-win for both Apple and artists. I have actually long wondered why Today at Apple doesn’t have a main online presence or an active Instagram account that highlights fantastic work. Session attendees posting their own developments and images from unique events are the only method the general public can see what’s awaiting them in store.

If you’re a creative professional, I ‘d enjoy to hear your thoughts on working for direct exposure and the worth of innovative work. Follow 9to5Mac‘s retail guide for extensive protection of the most recent Apple Shop news.

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